About Us


Located in Rochester, New York, CDE Engineering and Environment is a multifaceted engineering and environmental consulting firm founded in April 2009. The firm’s founder, Mr. Dennis Roote, has over 25 years of engineering experience focusing mainly on providing engineering solutions within the environmental practice area. 

Engineering Solutions to Environmental Problems and Environmentally Sound Engineering
Environmental compliance is a dynamic process, with ever changing requirements. CDE knows that the best solution is an integrated approach which combines management/operational measures backed by good engineering. By getting to know you, the client, CDE can formulate the best combination of operational controls and engineering controls to maximize success for your environmental programs. Conversely, many engineering projects will include different environmental components. CDE can help you understand these environmental components so you may better integrate them into your operations. 



Our Mission:

To provide our clients with solutions that seamlessly integrate the environmental, operational, and capital considerations needed for successful long term environmental compliance.


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